Friday, 19 February 2010

Pratchett vs. Tolkien

I'm sick having a - well, better not to tell the details, quite disgusting... ;P
Lying at home, having nothing to do, I read Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic. It was quite fun but I was slightly dissapointed. I expected more from one of the best fantasy authors ever (of course, I love Tolkien billion times better). I only read two of his books and Guards! Guards! or whatever the name was, was better. This one tells a story of a totally incompetent wizard called Rincewind and a naive tourist Twoflower who travel through the Discworld. Rincewind is forced to accompany and protect Twoflower but he's quite cheesy at it. I think this book is too serious and that's my problem, I expect Pratchett's books to be fun and fun and fun.

Having nothing to do again, I pulled my iPod out of the pile of nonsense on my table (I haven't listened to it since Christmas!) and I switched on shuffle. What came out was Lord of the Rings soundtrack. And I've gone mad. I've started reading LoTR again, I almost refused to borrow the movies' extended versions to a friend who begged me to borrow it to him for weeks and I totally forgot about my school or piano duties. About six times a year I'm hit by such a wave of madness and then I always forget it and start doting on something else. Let's see how long does this take, LoTR is very long and complicated and I love, love, LOVE it! Both books and movies, I'm still surprised that despite the movies gained 13 Academy Awards together, none of the actors got one. What a shame, some of them were totally incredible (meaning especially Elijah Wood and Sean Astin, who, as I've heard, wasn't even a proper movie actor before)!
What do you think about LoTR?


Phoebe Rose said...

I loved the films!! Hope you feel better soon :) X

Viva La Fashion said...

those films were amazing! :D