Monday, 25 January 2010

Emma Watson Not Just In Red

I accidentally found these behind-the-scenes photos of Emma Watson's Burberry shooting when I googled her. I loved them so I had to share.
I know these following photos are old, but I wanted to share it with you for a long time. Ever since I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the first time, I wondered how would the "lilac dress" that Hermione wore for Bill and Fleur's wedding look like. I even made several designs by myself but they're quite cheesy.
I like to make clothes designs (especially dresses) and today I suffered from it because my chemistry professor caught me designing a mini dress that would suit to these Louboutins

in his class and made me feel absolutely terrible. He laughed on my drawings and tested me. Luckily I wasn't that bad.
But back to Hermione's dress. When I first saw it's movie version I was a bit dissapointed that it was red. But then I realized that red suits Emma Watson much better than lilac. And I think this dress is amazing. Just like her shoes though I'd prefer if she wore those above :)...
And what so you think about her famous magical beaded bag that could swallow everything from lipsticks to tents, libraries and painting frames? I was a bit dissapointed at this point. I imagined it more like this

or this:

one more photo prooving that Emma looks gorgeous in red:

And I got an award from the lovely Nina. I'm so sorry but now I'm nastily busy and I'll have to post about it later. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


My outfit for today.

T-shirt - H&M
Sweater - H&M
Skirt - Moschino
Tights - Gatta
Boots - Baťa
You probably don't know Baťa. It's czech shoe company est. 1894 so it's quite traditional. It expanded to several countries in Europe but still it's just a czech company. The founders, Ba'ta brothers, produced gym shoes in the beginning. Now you can buy boots, heels, trainers, handbags, socks, tights and so on and so on. Let me show you some:
made by two czech design students

for girls

Of course they make men's and boys' too but I don't like them so much...
Have a nice day

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Snow Storm

I'm stuck in mountains at my friend's. A thunderstorm has come this night and the roads are so full of snow drifts (almost 2 metres high) that no car can get through. I don't have to go to school because there's no way getting to Prague till tomorrow. I'll upload photos as soon as I'll get out of the warm and comfy house :).

And I got an award from the lovely Trishiekoh. Thank you so much!

Accepting this award you must pass it to 10 other bloggers and write 10 things that
make you happy and do at least one today. These are mine:

1. Snow drifts on Mondays

2. Eating chocolate

3. Dancing Thriller

4.Chatting with cute boys

5.Creating funny photos

6.Shopping :)

7.Reading thrilling novels over and over again and still being interested about the end

8.Listening to one song million times over

9.Rating the boys in our school with my best friend

10.Talking to the boy I an in love with at the moment

I pass this award to:



The Owl's Closet


Miss Caitlin


Viva La Fashion

Pixie Dust

and Aubrey

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I finally managed to put the New Year's photos in my computer. I went to ice-skate with my cousin, Cate (ex-blogger unfortunately). At 6 p.m. there was huge official New Year's fireworks coming from a ship on the river right next to us.
Here are the best photos:

looks like a galaxy <3>

My semester ends this Friday and I'm still finishing exams and trying to get better notes which is quite difficult due to my lazy behaviour during whole the semester. I'm still one of the best students in our class but the education is so difficult compared to other schools that many people are glad just for getting through... Now I'm learning hinduism and buddhism for the Religionistics class tomorrow. And then leaving for my yoga lesson. I wish it was spiritual enough to help me concentrate but as I'm a very well-behaved christian kid :), I'm not exactly able to understand hinduists' and buddhists' minds and reasoning. I hope it's enough to just remember the facts.
I shouldn't even be sitting here so have a nice day... :)

Saturday, 9 January 2010

I'm having a great time now. Firstly, it's finally snowy here in Prague. Secondly, I've just bought two new sweaters. And thirdly, I'm in love. Again. I still don't know whether it's happy or unhappy kind of love... but never mind, I love this feeling. At least until I find out that he doesn't want me at all.

My view.

This one's from H&M...

...and this one from Promod.

And I finally watched The Holiday. It was great and I loved Jude Law in this. But I somehow don't like romantic comedies' endings. I know it can't end bad but it's always a bit pathetic... Nevertheless, a perfect Christmas comedy.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy New Year

I just want to wish you a happy New Year. Sorry, too late. But my exams continue. We finish at the end of next week (can't wait!!!).
Here are some photos of really bad outfits that I met on NYE. Must see!

you can't see it but it was quite fluffy. blaargh.

poor kid!

I mean the lady's awful

it looked like a hags' meeting

mother without taste and poor kid again.

I hate white (leather!) leggins on fat people...

Hope you're having a great time