Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Berlin, Berlin, Berlin

Hello my dear bloggers. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. I think I must look like I'm close to stop blogging. When I'm having my laziest mood, I think about it, but then I realize how much I need it. You guys don't know me and can write everything I want. Twenty years ago people would say it's weird to tell all the strangers my personal stuff. But I need it sometimes. I'm an occasional blogger.
Now I want to share a few photos from my trip to Berlin with friends.
We spent a lot of time in Pergamon museum and two galleries and though I love art, it was kinda too long. And the weather was so beautiful that we just wanted to walk around the city (and shops :)).
Right at the moment we arrived, me and my friend Anna went lost on the railway station because we didn't manage to get to the right tram :). The others had to wait for us on the next station.

Ray - Ban ads EVERYWHERE!

Berliner Hauptbahnhof - Main Railway Station (compared to the one in Prague it's awesome)Berliner Dom (huh I really missed historical buildings, this was built in 19.th (?) century)

The dome of German Parliament
Our Mr. Duffman (I've never drunk the Duff beer before and I found out that it's quite disgusting)

Vespa scooters EVERYWHERE
My friends, Anna and Kamila
Anna and me (hey, isn't she gorgeous?)

I couldn't help myself and had to post this photo. Every photographer would go mad because of my poor photography skills but it's so dreamy!
I'm really sorry that I'm blogging so bad lately and promise that I'll visit all your blogs soon!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sorry, I'm leaving

I'm so so sorry for my lack of posts and what's worse, COMMENTS. I'm busy at the school and practising piano concert for four hands with the most terrible guy ever :( and I'm also heading to Berlin tomorrow. So excited! So, please, please forgive me. I promise I'll start blogging properly soon again.
Love to all of you.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Where can I find a perfect summer dress?

Although it's still cold in Prague, I'm starting to look for a new summer dress (probably floral, I'm in love with this pattern). It should look at least a bit like one of these but I'm sure I won't find anything like that so I'll probably finally have to learn how to sew.

Sienna Miller style (I love her)
by George

by Trelise Cooper

This Oscar de la Renta dress is totally perfect. Too bad it's not available...

by Serge fashion

About by preview post "Crazy About Alice In Wonderland" - my head's a bit cooler now and I must admit that you must either love that movie or you just say it's utter bullsh*t so let's give it 60 %. I've realized that the only two reasons why I loved it were the unspoken bond between Alice and the Hatter and (yes, I'm stupid) Alice's dresses. But I still love it.