Friday, 26 February 2010

Happy 101 Award and Leaving

I received this lovely blog award. From Nina, beautiful and stylish ballerina from Manila. Do visit her blogsite!
To accept this award I have to write down 10 things that make me happy. I must add "at the moment" because it changes pretty quickly. Here they are:

1. Skiing. Of course, in half an year I wouldn't write this but I'm leaving for ski tomorrow and I'm so excited! I'm not exactly the best skier in the world but never mind if I love it and I do!
2. Yoga. I'm neither buddhist nor hinduist but I must admit that it perfectly calms me down, makes me feel more confident and of course, tighter ;)
3. Shopping for presents (but only if I have enough money, which is almost never... )
4. Eating chocolate instead of bread when feeling depressed. Unfortunately for my figure, I'm a teenager and consider every little sadness as a depression...
5. Sea. And whatever I'm doing at it. And whatever sea it is. I love both warm seas of Mediterranean sea or Tahiti (where I've never been, but it's my dream) and cold seas of Scandinavia. I just need to hear the soothing sound of sea once a while, because I don't live anywhere near one :(
6. Reading, reading, reading, reading, reading... until I'm dying of thirst and hunger.
7. Arranging a party. Whatever party, it makes me forget about everything bad. Concentrating only on making someone happy makes me happy too.
8. Music. I have no favourite style, I listen to rock, pop, jazz, classical, soundtrack, soul, grunge, folk... you can find something great everywhere! My current favourite is Emiliana Torrini. And I love both listening to music and making it.
9. Summer holidays. What else should I say... :)
10. And at last...but definitely not least... BLOGGING. Sharing my thoughts with people all around the world is incredibly soothing!
Now I pass this award on 10 great bloggers:
1. Crybaby
3. Fashion WhOre
4. Phoebe Rose
5. Je skg
6. Dylana
7. Mom and Son
8. Trishie
9. J'aime
10. Froso
You won't hear from me till March 15. because after skiing in Austria I go to mountains once more, with my classmates. I hope you'll have as beautiful time as I will.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Looking forward to...

Still sick...
But with any luck I'll be heading to Austria on Saturday. We're going to spend an awesome week full of skiing and bathing (it's a spa area) with my family and friends.
We'll stay in a beautiful town St. Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee...

...and ski in Dachstein west, St. Gilgen and Postalm areas.

And the weather should be nice. What more could I wish? Maybe to recover, or I'll spend whole week in hot, salty water and that's not exactly what I wish, though it wouldn't be bad too...
I've been working out a bit so I could ski longer and better but usually it doesn't help because none can make my family excercise so my effort only helps me to have tighter (and bigger :/...) thighs. BAAH.

And watching Olympics, I wondered how could anyone criticise the american skier Lindsey Vonn for posing in bikini for Sports Illustrated. I mean, it's not Playboy and she wasn't naked. And she's beautiful, why should she feel ashamed for that?


Three days ago I couldn't post and that was Kurt Cobain's 43th birthday. I love him. Happy belated birthday, Kurt. R.I.P.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Pratchett vs. Tolkien

I'm sick having a - well, better not to tell the details, quite disgusting... ;P
Lying at home, having nothing to do, I read Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic. It was quite fun but I was slightly dissapointed. I expected more from one of the best fantasy authors ever (of course, I love Tolkien billion times better). I only read two of his books and Guards! Guards! or whatever the name was, was better. This one tells a story of a totally incompetent wizard called Rincewind and a naive tourist Twoflower who travel through the Discworld. Rincewind is forced to accompany and protect Twoflower but he's quite cheesy at it. I think this book is too serious and that's my problem, I expect Pratchett's books to be fun and fun and fun.

Having nothing to do again, I pulled my iPod out of the pile of nonsense on my table (I haven't listened to it since Christmas!) and I switched on shuffle. What came out was Lord of the Rings soundtrack. And I've gone mad. I've started reading LoTR again, I almost refused to borrow the movies' extended versions to a friend who begged me to borrow it to him for weeks and I totally forgot about my school or piano duties. About six times a year I'm hit by such a wave of madness and then I always forget it and start doting on something else. Let's see how long does this take, LoTR is very long and complicated and I love, love, LOVE it! Both books and movies, I'm still surprised that despite the movies gained 13 Academy Awards together, none of the actors got one. What a shame, some of them were totally incredible (meaning especially Elijah Wood and Sean Astin, who, as I've heard, wasn't even a proper movie actor before)!
What do you think about LoTR?

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

no. No NO!

Today I went to school by the underground and just searched through the newspaper for something interesting. And the first thing I saw was that Alexander McQueen passed away yesterday. I'm really sad and shocked because he was my favourite fashion designer along with Anna Sui, Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld. I loved his fairy tale creations! They say he was found hanged at his place. According to the news he couldn't bear his mother's death (just a few weeks ago). R.I.P. We'll all miss you.

Well, I thought that he might have been a bit depressed when I saw the hair-risingly scary mermaids from his Spring/Summer 2010 show. But that was before his mother's death...

I have designed very similar shoes several years ago. Could he read my mind? :)
This was my favourite...

Emma Watson wore this dress in a Harper's Bazaar editioral about two years later. I've posted about that before.

On the lighter note:

Thanks to the lovely and stylish AH I can share my joy from another award. To recieve it, I have to write down 7 things that make me happy:
1. Chocolate
2. Watching Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Pride & Prejudice
3. Saying everything face-to-face with my mom (I'm still such a baby)
4. Yoga
5. Sharing my darkest secrets with my most understanding best friend
6. Jogging on the beach at sunrise (and I do that about once a year :) )
7. Water. And everything you can do with it... ;)

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I'm about to break someone's heart

Hello everyone!
About a week or more ago I got an award from my dear Nina , one of the few people in Manila who care about fashion, as she says. Do check out her blog if you already didn't. As you all well know, I'm a lazy blogger so I did not find time to write about it until today.
So here it is, my princess award:
To officially receive this award, I've got to do the following:

Give thanks to the one who has passed it on to you: So thank you very much, Nina, you made me happy again!
Name an author whom you love: surprisingly, J. K. Rowling. But I love J. R. R. Tolkien too, even more. And then also Jane Austen (just in case you think I'm a fantasy nut) and so on and so on and I could write until the end of world...
If applicable, name an author who highlights: I'm sorry but I don't really get this point...
Books you love: I don't even have to mention Harry Potter (guess what I'm reading right now :)), but ever since my childhood I love Hobbit: There And Back Again and all the three parts of Lord of the Rings. Then Pride& Prejudice, Sense& Sensibility, Emma and at last but not least Tristan & Isolde...
Something that always excites you: When a sweet guy asks me to go out with him which is not that often. Now it happened and I feel like I'll have to refuse him. I'm not in love with him so I would hurt him even if I tried to go out with him. And in case I would, I would hurt myself too because I'm in love with someone else... What do zou guys think? What should I do? But I run away from the topic. A good movie, dance improvizing with my brother and a song that I can't get out of my head always excite me too.
Something that you hate: False friends (especially girls), animal cruelty, real fur, communism and racism. Looks like I'm quite pathetic ;)

I now pass on this award to 7 lovely bloggers:
The Owl's Closet
Actually, this is a bit of cheating because Mica and Crybaby are one person. But both her blogs are great and I couldn't decide... :)
Miss Caitlin
Viva La Fashion
Mom and Son
All these wonderful bloggers deserve the award much more than I do but still thank you, Nina!