Friday, 26 February 2010

Happy 101 Award and Leaving

I received this lovely blog award. From Nina, beautiful and stylish ballerina from Manila. Do visit her blogsite!
To accept this award I have to write down 10 things that make me happy. I must add "at the moment" because it changes pretty quickly. Here they are:

1. Skiing. Of course, in half an year I wouldn't write this but I'm leaving for ski tomorrow and I'm so excited! I'm not exactly the best skier in the world but never mind if I love it and I do!
2. Yoga. I'm neither buddhist nor hinduist but I must admit that it perfectly calms me down, makes me feel more confident and of course, tighter ;)
3. Shopping for presents (but only if I have enough money, which is almost never... )
4. Eating chocolate instead of bread when feeling depressed. Unfortunately for my figure, I'm a teenager and consider every little sadness as a depression...
5. Sea. And whatever I'm doing at it. And whatever sea it is. I love both warm seas of Mediterranean sea or Tahiti (where I've never been, but it's my dream) and cold seas of Scandinavia. I just need to hear the soothing sound of sea once a while, because I don't live anywhere near one :(
6. Reading, reading, reading, reading, reading... until I'm dying of thirst and hunger.
7. Arranging a party. Whatever party, it makes me forget about everything bad. Concentrating only on making someone happy makes me happy too.
8. Music. I have no favourite style, I listen to rock, pop, jazz, classical, soundtrack, soul, grunge, folk... you can find something great everywhere! My current favourite is Emiliana Torrini. And I love both listening to music and making it.
9. Summer holidays. What else should I say... :)
10. And at last...but definitely not least... BLOGGING. Sharing my thoughts with people all around the world is incredibly soothing!
Now I pass this award on 10 great bloggers:
1. Crybaby
3. Fashion WhOre
4. Phoebe Rose
5. Je skg
6. Dylana
7. Mom and Son
8. Trishie
9. J'aime
10. Froso
You won't hear from me till March 15. because after skiing in Austria I go to mountains once more, with my classmates. I hope you'll have as beautiful time as I will.


Froso said...

Thank u lovely, I will surely post that award and link you! Hope u will have a great time!

daisychain said...

I love reading these. Have an amazing time x

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thank you so much!! hope you'll have a wonderful trip!

mom & son said...

awww...I'm so happy to receive an award from you, sweetie!
Thank you so much and have a great weekend!

Diya said...

lovely list... I eat peanut butter when I'm depressed ;P

ps. check out my new blog:

I am Khatu said...

I love skiing, have fun!

trishie said...

Enjoy your time in Austria!
Thanks for passing the award to me. :)

Nina said...

Hi Fleur!

I love Yoga too!

Rachel said...

Congrats on the award!
Hope you have fun while you're away!

Phoebe Rose said...

Thank you so much for the award hun! Love these posts :) ha i'm so he same with chocolate! X

The Owl's Closet said...

hi, fleur! congrats on ur award! i have another one for u on my blog:) ure skiing?? how fun! have a great time!

p.s. #4 makes me happy, too:)

CL, said...

i've never skiied before, but our camp for school this year is ski camp so i'm really excited :) congratulations on the award!