Tuesday, 19 January 2010


My outfit for today.

T-shirt - H&M
Sweater - H&M
Skirt - Moschino
Tights - Gatta
Boots - Baťa
You probably don't know Baťa. It's czech shoe company est. 1894 so it's quite traditional. It expanded to several countries in Europe but still it's just a czech company. The founders, Ba'ta brothers, produced gym shoes in the beginning. Now you can buy boots, heels, trainers, handbags, socks, tights and so on and so on. Let me show you some:
made by two czech design students

for girls

Of course they make men's and boys' too but I don't like them so much...
Have a nice day


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love the boots!

Nina said...

Hi Fleur!

We have Bata here in Manila although we never get those fab boots that you just featured here!

My Happy 101 Award given by you is now up in my post today. Thanks again, sweetie!

Anonymous said...

lovely sweater and boots!

Rachel said...

Cute outfit! I love your boots!

betz said...

oh, these shoes are awesome!!!


Miss Caitlin S. said...

I love the long cardi! Looks great~

Viva La Fashion said...

<3 cardigans. :)

mica said...

hey dear u're the winner of my birthday giveaway! email me your postal address at:


congrats! =)

Nina said...

Beautiful as always, Fleur!

Left you an award at my post just now. How can I not? You're my daily stop!

Anonymous said...

love the sneakers!