Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I finally managed to put the New Year's photos in my computer. I went to ice-skate with my cousin, Cate (ex-blogger unfortunately). At 6 p.m. there was huge official New Year's fireworks coming from a ship on the river right next to us.
Here are the best photos:

looks like a galaxy <3>

My semester ends this Friday and I'm still finishing exams and trying to get better notes which is quite difficult due to my lazy behaviour during whole the semester. I'm still one of the best students in our class but the education is so difficult compared to other schools that many people are glad just for getting through... Now I'm learning hinduism and buddhism for the Religionistics class tomorrow. And then leaving for my yoga lesson. I wish it was spiritual enough to help me concentrate but as I'm a very well-behaved christian kid :), I'm not exactly able to understand hinduists' and buddhists' minds and reasoning. I hope it's enough to just remember the facts.
I shouldn't even be sitting here so have a nice day... :)


Nara said...

Lovely blog!

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Anonymous said...

Oh god I know exactly what you mean. I have final exams in 2 weeks and I'm near death. My school is the hardest school and ranked as one of the best in the nation. It's tough tough tough. But blogging is the only thing that I enjoy doing now since I'm not even allowed out of the house :(

xoxo and good luck

trishie koh said...

Ooo amazing photos, the last one's my fav.

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