Sunday, 27 December 2009


On friday we had a great family dinner with a big turkey at my grandma's. In the afternoon I went to take a walk in the city with my cousin. It was cold and nasty outside so we bought a coffee-to-go but we were still absolutely frozen. This is what I was wearing - it's the trench coat by H&M and Clara Barson ballerinas. Handbag - Gucci, tights - Gatta, sunglasses - my cousin's
My cousin is on the other hand more kinda disco thing. This is what she wore:

Enjoy the rest of your holidays!


skg said...

Haha it wouldn't surprise me if you live in europe.
Your outfits look beyond cute. :) Especially the red coat.

Nina said...

You look soooo chic! You and your cousin are serious eye candy!

Phoebe Rose said...

I love your coat!!

DIANA DYE said...

you look so cute!! i love red i think it's such a bright yet mysterious color love the outfit and am glad you had fun with your cousin! yea oh and coffee is the best don't you agree! i dont know why muggles say it's bad for you yea like that will stop us right! well have a brilliant day and am mental about your coat love it!!

Krimly said...



Viva La Fashion said...

cute scarf. :)

Closet Full of Nothing said...

Love the red coat!! Happy New Year :)


mom & son said...

you and your cousin looking so fashionable
walking around the town.
love the colors of your outfit.

happy new year.

p.s thanks for the comment. care to exchange links with me?

trishiekoh said...

Love the coat!

Happy new year!

ms wonderland said...

you and your cousin have great taste in clothes :) you look adorable