Monday, 14 December 2009

Exams, christmas balls, presents

sorry for my lack of posts in the last days. We have early exams term at the school. Today I did Maths, Chemistry and Biology. This is probably the first time I have done a Maths exam without one single mistake!
I haven't written about the Thriller dance training yet. I thought I would go on sunday December but due to the school duties I had to visit the next one on friday. Although I came alone, it was really fun. We have a wonderful instructress and she explained the routines even to me, which I haven't expected.
I also reciever my first blog award from Trishiekoh. Thank you!

How are your Christmas Preparations? I've finally got some presentr for my friends and family. I also got some money from my grandma so I could buy something I really like but I just can't find anything! I wanted to buy some warm, long, woolen sweater but they're all so ugly! Then I saw a beautiful red trench coat at H&M. But I have lots of coats...
This is what I bought for my mother today. It's from a shop called Manufaktura. You can buy there handmade natural cosmetics, soaps, bathsalts, but also mugs, beads etc. And it's not even expensive. I love these shops that make me happy when I enter. The mix of all the smells makes me stay until I spend all my money - luckily I usually take only as much as I need.
Tomorrow I go to the Christmas ball held by my dance school. I'll be wearing these dress:

I bought the dress because of this details, otherwise it would be too simple.
I won't be able to visit all your blogs now, please forgive me. This is probably all I remember I wanted to write about now, so have a nice day :)


The Owl's Closet said...

oh wow, sounds like a fun dance practice:D i can't wait to see the final performance!:D congrats on ur blog award:) have fun at ur school dance! i'm sure u will look just lovely:)
Cleaning out my closet:

Wasp said...

hezkej přívěšek

mom & son said...

i love your vibrant blue dress!
congrats on the award and good luck to
your studies.
please share photos from the christmas ball.

Fashion Chalet said...

So sweeet thank you =)
just learned you are Cates cousin! <3